Out on 26th April!

The Angel Downstairs

The third enthralling story in the Dechansay Bright Mysteries series. (A Crack in the Varnish is the first in the series; By a Hand Unknown is the second.)

Some people never tell the truth. They daren’t.

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Eric Dechansay is a successful artist with a popular studio in Paris, the life and soul of every party. Then the threatening letters start. Eric’s past - and someone he thought was dead - have come back to haunt him.

Hannah Dechansay knows nothing of her father’s past but a phone call from her half-sister has her leaving Oxford and on a plane to Paris. She won’t be welcome. Eric’s carefully constructed life is crashing around his ears and Hannah’s determination to find out why will only make things worse. Her father’s clearly frightened and he’s lying. And then there’s the piano player. Who is he anyway?

As the stakes rise inexorably higher, who can Hannah trust?

Book Clubs

My books are sometimes chosen to be read by book clubs and I’m thrilled to know that people are engaging with my stories and characters. It’s also interesting for me to hear your impressions and to see my characters through your eyes. If you have decided to read The Silence Before Thunder and would like more information about it, do get in touch. If your club is local to me, I should be happy to come and discuss it with you at a meeting if you would like; alternatively, we may be able to hook up on Skype.

I have prepared a list of questions you may choose to consider after reading The Silence Before Thunder. Click here to download a copy for your club.

The Angel Downstairs will be available as an ebook from most major retailers and as a paperback from Amazon and by order from most bookshops worldwide.