That Still and Whispering Place

Bohenna is a small Cornish village, dominated by a thriving vineyard and the Pennyman family who run it. It’s an insular community, all gossip and rumour and intertwined lives. Claire knows everyone; she grew up there. She even married into the Pennyman family.

'Believe nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you see' - Proverb
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Every summer tourists swarm over the vineyard and village. So when Claire’s young daughter disappears without trace, it’s obvious to everyone that a visitor took her. Who else would do such a thing?

Six years later, her marriage broken, Claire still struggles to accept what happened. She’s been away but she’s back now - and increasingly convinced her daughter never left the village at all.

But it’s not wise to start asking questions. Old resentments run deep and not everyone is pleased to see Claire back in Bohenna.

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Praise for That Still and Whispering Place

'A compulsive read. From the first paragraph I was engrossed and have read the whole novel in a few days. I had the pleasure of meeting the author when I went on a vineyard tour in Devon with friends last year. I previously read her other two novels which are equally well-written and I am planning to buy all of them for my friends.'
Jill from Cheshire

'A great story. The characters are well written and easy to feel for and the atmosphere and relationships in a small rural community interestingly portrayed. It ends up as a thrilling who-dunnit towards the end. I have yet to be disappointed by the ending of one of Kathy Shuker's books and this one is equally satisfying.'
E. Harmer

'A moving, page-turning book. It stayed with me, I was fully immersed, and I recommend (Kathy's) heartfelt, provocative, exciting story.'
Lorraine Devon Wilke

'Loved it. Definitely my favourite so far. Couldn't put it down and feeling at a bit of a loss now. Enjoyed the lovely Cornish setting, the characters and the totally believable plot which gripped from the start. Another great read.'
Devon girl

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Book Clubs

My books are sometimes chosen to be read by book clubs and I’m thrilled to know that people are engaging with my stories and characters. It’s also interesting for me to hear your impressions and to see my characters through your eyes. If you have decided to read That Still and Whispering Place and would like more information about it, do get in touch. If your club is local to me, I should be happy to come and discuss it with you at a meeting if you would like; alternatively, we may be able to hook up on Skype.

I have prepared a list of questions you may choose to consider after reading That Still and Whispering Place. Click here to download a copy for your club. Be aware that the questions may contain spoilers!