A Crack in the Varnish

Art restoration can be a dangerous business...

'Believe nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you see' - Proverb
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Hollywood actress, Esther Langley, has a home in the hills of Provence, an old converted abbey where she keeps her precious art collection. Now she has four paintings in need of restoration: one modern work, fire-damaged, and three crumbling old masters. It looks like a straightforward job for an experienced art restorer like Hannah Dechansay, and who wouldn’t relish a few months in Provence?

But living and working on Esther’s estate isn’t easy. It’s a tortured household, haunted by a tragic death. There’s guilt and recrimination in the air and relationships soon start to unravel. Was the death an accident? Everyone has a different version to tell. There’s something sinister going on and everyone, it seems, has something to hide.

Out on 27th May. Available friom all the usual places!

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Book Clubs

My books are sometimes chosen to be read by book clubs and I’m thrilled to know that people are engaging with my stories and characters. It’s also interesting for me to hear your impressions and to see my characters through your eyes. If you have decided to read The Silence Before Thunder and would like more information about it, do get in touch. If your club is local to me, I should be happy to come and discuss it with you at a meeting if you would like; alternatively, we may be able to hook up on Skype.

I have prepared a list of questions you may choose to consider after reading The Silence Before Thunder. Click here to download a copy for your club.