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Thank you for visiting my website. Welcome. I am a British author of six published novels, with a seventh due out on 26th April 2024.

'The truth is rarely pure, and never simple' - Oscar Wilde
Kathy Shuker

I am particularly intrigued by families, by the things they tell each other and especially by the secrets they keep, or indeed the tales they fabricate to hide uncomfortable truths. And human lives are fraught with endless decisions and choices, some of which can impact our lives indefinitely, far more than we realise at the time. These are all issues which crop up in my stories as do art, music and wildlife which are particular interests of mine. If you would like to know more about each book and perhaps read a sample, please check out the appropriate book pages which contain information and links to where they may be purchased.

Despite the pressure to neatly categorise everything, many novels do not readily sit within a single genre but overlap several and my books are examples of this. But if you like stories which contain mystery and intrigue, obsessions, jealousies and desperate actions - even a little romance - then they might be for you. And, though they have a strong plot line, it is the characters, their relationships and their passions which drive the stories forward.

My most recent books are in a series: the Dechansay Bright Mysteries, which I started during the Covid pandemic when a little escapism was dearly needed! These mysteries follow the investigative skills of two art conservators, Hannah Dechansay and Nathan Bright, whose work takes them all over the UK and Europe, particularly France. In among the drama and nefarious deeds, the two conservators have a feisty relationship which helps to make these stories a slightly lighter read. There are three books in the series and all are available now.

The Cover of A Crack in the Varnish

I was born and raised in the north west of England and trained as a physiotherapist but had to give the work up due to a back injury. I studied design and took up a career as a freelance artist, painting mainly in watercolours and oils, exhibiting, supplying galleries and teaching but I started writing several years ago and now write full-time.

I hope you enjoy the site. Between the Lines takes a look at the less shambolic aspects of my writing process and my Blog is updated (fairly) regularly with news, information on my current writing and general musings. A like of my Facebook page will help to keep you up-to-date with latest news and offers.

The cover of The Angel Downstairs

Book 3 in the Dechansay Bright Mysteries out now!

As well as maintaining my interest in art I am a keen amateur singer and musician, playing acoustic guitar, mandola, piano and fiddle. I also love learning foreign languages and read widely - anything from Jane Austen and Thomas Hardy to John le Carré and Agatha Christie.

I live in Devon with my husband.

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